Ableton Live 12.1 Adds a Drum Sampler and New Features

Ableton Live 12.1 Adds a Drum Sampler and New Features

Ableton's updated to 12.1 bringing significant updates and improvements to the workflow. Here's a summary

Auto Shift In Ableton

Auto shift gives users real-time pitch correction for vocals. Ableton LIve makes it easy to select a scale and make sure every not is in tune. In addition you can add Vibrato. Here's a clip going over it:

Drum Sampler Now Included in Ableton Live

The Drum Sampler gives producers some much needed manipulation tools for drum samples ( or any samples really).  Stretch, loop, edit, cut, FM and ring modulation, and layer a sub oscillator (our favorite). Add in noise, punch, crush the sounds. Tons of features to edit and manipulate your samples. Here's a great clip of what you can do:

Auto Tagging Samples

I love this. I'm terrible at managing files and naming all samples in a way that makes sense. Having software automatically tag and organize samples is a game changer . Less time managing the software and more time making music.

MIDI Improvements

The MIDI Editor comes with a new toolbar allowing producers to filter and select MIDI notes by time, pitch, velocity and a number of other features.

Other Improvements In Ableton Live 12.1

Ableton Live 12 comes with more features to create with Push as well an impvoed Limiter and Saturator.

Check out the full Ableton Live 12 release notes here.

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