Aruria AstroLab

Arturia Announced New Hardware Synthesizer AstroLab

Arturia announced a standalone synthesizer called AstroLab. It's basically a mini keyboard with ALL of Arturia's sounds packed in.

In it is 35 virtual instruments (most found in the V Collection).

Now you may be wondering why pay $2,000 for this if it's simply a mini keyboard with the V Colletion. You can get an M-Audio Mini plus V Collection for much less.

The AstroLab is built to be a stage keyboard intended for live performances. Beyond the tough casing, the AstroLab includes 12 insert FX options and the ability to loop up to 32 bars. It also includes a vocover and the option to plug in a mic. 

And if that wasn't enough, it comes with a dedicated mobile app to manage presets.

Arturia AstroLab Performance Features

Multi Instruments

Load up two different sounds on the same keyboard. This is pretty cool. You define a split point - ie every key above this point plays one sound (say strings) and every key below this point plays a different sound (say a piano). Super cool and innovative.

Chord, Scale, and Arp

Great for performances where you need to add a bit extra. These triggers help you embellish your performances. Use these functions to easily play chords, move up/down the scale, or create arpeggios.

Loop & Record

Easily loop any melody or chord. This function captures MIDI so you can switch out the sound.


Plug in a mic and let the vocoder do its thing.


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