Baby Audio Atoms

Baby Audio Atoms

Baby Audio released their latest plugin, Atoms. Baby Audio descibes it as a synth that "uses cutting edge physical modeling to generate an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds. Use it to build rich and alive textures the world hasn’t heard before."

The developer Silvin Willemsen conducted research on instruments to accurately model the underlying physical interactions.

Atoms offers unique sounds as it can shift from acoustic to more unnatural tones like an instrument from another planet. It provides extensive sound design capabilities through its parameters and modulation controls while maintaining musical playability.

Baby Audio Atoms

An interesting aspect highlighted is that Baby Audio's Atoms ventures into new territory for physical modeling synths by focusing on generating otherworldly sounds rather than replicating vintage gear.

This allows it to produce tones that can shift between natural and artificial qualities in a way that has not been achieved by many other physical modeling instruments.

 Let's break it down a bit more.

Baby Audio Atoms Summary

Summary of Baby Audio Atoms

  • Atoms is a new physical modeling soft synth from Baby Audio, built on a structure of masses and springs. It allows for intuitive control over organic and unusual sounds.
  • Unlike Baby Audio's previous plugins which modeled vintage gear, Atoms takes a more forward-looking approach and focuses on unusual, otherworldly sounds through physical modeling.
  • Atoms models a bowed instrument using a mass-spring network, similar to Apple's Sculpture plugin. Its lead developer Silvin Willemsen explains the technical details behind how it works.


  • The mass-spring network approach allows it to create both acoustic-like organic sounds and more unnatural sounds like an instrument from another planet.
  • It has a large factory sound library as well as an additional library by Zardonic. Sounds can be creatively shaped with subtle parameter tweaks.
  • Atoms has full MIDI mappability and MPE support, making it expressive and playable on various controllers.
  • Its parameters like Chaos, Order, and Force allow for a wide musical range while still keeping the sounds pleasant. For a full breakdown of the paramaters:


  • Atoms simplifies modulation routing and automation.
  • It includes randomization features like Magic Dice and Recycle for happy accidents.

And here's an overview of the sounds


Fading Out

We're a big fan of Baby Audio and generally love their products. Baby Audio's Atoms adds to the lineup with a stellar synth well worth checking out.

At the time of this writing, it's on a intro sale. But if you miss that Baby Audio usually runs a bundle deal where you can get a number of their products for a fair price.

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