Torae To Teach Music Business Class in Brooklyn

Torae To Teach Music Business Class in Brooklyn

Things I wish schools taught me growing up: taxes, personal finance, and navigating the music industry.

Looks like one of those can get checked off the list. Torae is teaching an 8-week course designed or anyone interested in learning the business of the music industry.

I'm not too far from Medgar, I might have to check this out.

According to the description:

For those interested in music industry! This 8 week course we will dissect the inner workings of the business of music. Those components include the mechanics of streaming, publishing, marketing strategies, merchandising, touring, etc. We will also delve into the differences between major record labels and independents. We will have an array of guest speakers to discuss legal representation, branding, radio programming and more. This course will prepare you for the music industry by showing you how to start you own company and giving you the tools needed to negotiate for future partnership. (45hrs).


 Check out the class description on Medgar Evers site.

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