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Hip Hop Drum Pattern PDF | Amazing Drum Patterns | Instant Download

The Hip Hop Drum Pattern PDF Guide will help you make more music in less time. With 50 drum patters already laid out for you, all you have to do is point and click.

Make your Drums Fire HipHop Drum Guide
Make your drums fire

What is the hip hop drum pattern pdf?

This pdf is digital download to help you program your drums. It gives you 50 patterns you can follow to create drum patterns. Use as is or modify to suite your needs.


Where can I use the hip hop drum pattern pdf?

Anywhere you can view a pdf. Your computer, laptop, phone or any other device that is capable of handling pdfs. You can have it open on you computer while you make music. Or you can have it open on your phone as a reference while you make music on your computer.

The PDF on an iPhone

Save Time With The Hip Hop Drum Pattern PDF

Nowadays putting out more and more content is key to growing your audience. Starting from a blank slate can be a bit daunting and time consuming. Even if you have a melody going it can be tough to round it out to a nice track.

With this guide you don’t have to worry about it. Simply flip to a random page and follow the guide.

Make more music in less time with this guide.

Beginner Friendly

Most beginners struggle with making beats because there’s so many parts to worry about. Drum patterns, melodies, chords, music theory, mixing, arrangement, are just a few of the things you have to worry about.

The great thing about this guide is it can handle the drum patterns for you. Open your sequencer and click away to match any of the patters in the pdf.

...And Works With Seasoned Pros

Pro’s know they sometimes need to get a quick drum pattern out so they can focus on song arrangement or a melody. If you’re a seasoned producer you don’t have to worry about coming up with a great drum pattern. Open up the hip hop drum pattern pdf and copy one of the templates.

Keep The Creativity Flowing

Your creative energy is limited. Sometimes you want to use it for coming up with drum patterns.

Sometimes you need a pattern laid out for you. In this case, turn to the PDF to get your ideas going.


Lock In, but not Locked in

This is a guide you can use as is or modify as you see fit. Lay down the drum patterns as they are in the guide. If you like it, cool. But of course you can add your own twist. Say you want to add an extra kick - go for it. You’re not tied to these patterns, they help grease the wheels and get you making music.


MIDI Included As Well In

In addition to the PDF, you also get the MIDI. These are in stem format giving you full control. Drag and drop and have to streamline your workflow and have a great hip hop drum beat instantly.

Make Your Drums Lit

Grab your copy now and get started making amazing drum patterns.

Make your Drums Fire Hip Hop Drum Guide
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