Simple Snare Rolls - How To Make Them [MIDI] [Audio]

Simple Snare Rolls - How To Make Them [MIDI] [Audio]

Getting basic drum patterns is pretty straightforward in DAWs. But who wants a simple drum pattern. We want amazing drum patterns and we want all the nuances that makes them stand out.

Snare rolls are one of techniques that stand out in drum programming. So how do you do it in MIDI? Let's take a look.

Snare Rolls In MIDI

Let's hear what we'll create.


This fill pattern is taken from the Fills Drum Guide:

Fills Drum Guide Pattern 40

And let's see what this looks like in MIDI:

Snare Roll Midi


Here's the snares and the rimshot in:

Snares and Rimshot called out in the MIDI image of the fill


They key is
1. Pack the snares in there (but not too tight to create a buzz roll sound)

2. Start with a low volume and increase the volume a bit more with each snare

3. Finish strong with a high velocity Rimshot

Zooming in on the snare and rimshot: here's the velocity of the each snare and rimshot:


The velocities of the snares and the rimshot in the fill example 

And that's it. The above is pattern 40 from the Fills Drum Guide.

For more fills and drum patterns go check it out.

It includes 70 drum fill patterns like above (with midi included). It also includes Building Blocks - basic midi patterns to help you create your own fills.





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