Drake Embraces AI

Drake Embraces AI

Over there weekend Drake dropped “Taylor Made” - a song that uses AI. But not in the traditional way AI has been used in music.

He made an AI verse of Tupac. Yep - that Tupac. The one who left us in the 90s.
If you haven’t been following, Drake is in the middle of rap beef with another famous artists - Kendrick Lamar. Well Kendrick and what seems like several others as well.

Like typical rap beefs go, the rappers release songs back and forth. The listeners decide who won.



Is It AI?

In the past rap beefs were easy to follow. A track gets released, we all know about it, we listen, we judge.

But today, AI makes it hard to follow. Get on Twitter/X or Instagram and you’ll hear “diss tracks” from Kendrick of Drake. But the quality is questionable, the vocal sound a bit rough.

And that leads everyone to wonder “was this done with AI”?
Or more specifically, did some kid in his bedroom record this, through a “drake ai filter” on it and release it.

It’s been done before so you never know.

A Clever Use of AI

The way Drake uses AI is clever because it’s obviously AI. Some artists might use AI to write verses. Make music. But you never really know.

You speculate. You hear rumors. Find obscure YouTube vids of sleuths breaking down why they think some tracks are AI or not.

Drake flips the script and makes it obvious.

It's AI or Tupac Really Is Alive

Drake’s Hotline Bling video was made to meme. It was right around the time memes were a thing - but not a big thing. Drake saw the change and adapted

Drake’s More Life was a bit more of a wordy album. He saw music growing in other countries outside of the US and he adapted.
It’s what he does.

Now with AI he fully embraces is. This is clearly AI.
Or 2pac is alive. One or the other.
I’m betting on AI.

What's Next?

Long time ago, I came across this mixtape. It was a mashup of Jay-z and Biggie verses. Only problem is. this was way past when Biggie died. A DJ blended old verses.

Obviously it was made up. But I still enjoyed it.

Obviously this isn’t Tupac…but….I enjoyed it.

What does this do for the industry moving forward? Are more artists going to openly embrace AI? Use it in a way to make unique tracks like this?

Previously the industry has been against AI, even issuing takedown notices. Now the biggest act in the industry is openly using it.

I'm listening


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