Create Amazing Drum Beats 10x Faster With Drum Guides

Our drum guides come complete with 50 unique drum patterns in a number of musical styles. Program it in your DAW and be on your way to creating a great drum beat.

"Thanks very much, this little pdf is a life saver, I have been toying around with drums for so long & couldn't get it right! I definitely needed this extra bit of help." -Natalie

What Is A Drum Guide?

A PDF with 50 unique drum patterns. Each guide represents a different style of music. Here's an example drum pattern from the Boom Bap Guide:

Boom Bap Drum Guide

 "This was exactly what I looked for to get started creating my own stuff. I can really recommend it for people who want to create their own ideas but just need some inspiration. Don't want inspiration? No problem, just try some of the patterns, copy and paste into your tracks and you'll be really happy with the result." -Klaus

How Do I Use The Drum Guides?

Flip to any page and copy the layout into you DAW. Works with any DAW. For example, here's a simply example of a kick snare pattern and what it would look like in Logic:

How The Drum Guide Translates To Your DAW

"This is exactly what I needed to take my drums to the next level. It's great using this as a jumping off point to lay something down, then tweak it and experiment.

Cannot thank you enough 🙏" - Adam

What Else Is Included:

  • About 50 unique drum patterns covering 8 bars total.
  • Midi Stems for each drum pattern
  • Tips and Tricks for each specific musical style
  • Drum Sample Packs

(the specifics for each drum guide varies, so check each guide's page for exact details)


"What a guide! i always stuck to a few drum patterns that I liked and didn't really have any other go-to patterns. This guide has been a tremendous help. Definitely recommend it.

The lofi drums are sick too!" -Dom

Four Benefits Of Using The Drum Guide

1. Finish More Beats In Less Time

Since the drum patterns are laid out for you, you're already on your way to creating a dope beat. The quicker you start, the quicker you finish.

2. Get Over Beat Block

This is the biggest benefit. When you're stuck and can't quite figure out how to get a groove going, just flip to any page and let the drum guide break through your beat block.

3. Learn

The biggest feedback from customers is they learn how to create drum patterns above and beyond a few basic ones they typically use. You'll learn what makes up different style and be able to create your own.

4. Create Amazing Drum Patterns

Of course these aren't just any old drum patterns. These are amazing drum beats that you'll get started with.


    "I bought your trap and hiphop guides yesterday, and I'm very grateful to have them as a resource on my music-making journey."



    "The guide is awesome! You really did a fantastic job putting this together."



    "just copped the boombap drum guide and I really like it for setting up presets drum patterns for the ideas to come out."


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How To Use The Drum Guides With Your DAW

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"Love these drum pattern guides from Rudemuzik! They are really
essential foundational building blocks to learn from and incorporate in your Music Production and Drum programming for top genres in music now!! As a producer/engineer they helped me out tremendously in my instrumental production!!"


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How The MIDI Drums & Guides Work

A pattern in the book shows you how to program it in your DAW (the software you use to make music). Below is an example from the Boom Bap Drum Guide. This drum pattern shows you where and when to place your kicks, snares, and percussion:


That pattern above is this drum beat after you program it into your DAW:

Additionally, each pattern comes with the stemmed out midi. Drag it, drop it, produce it.

drag and drop midi stems


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