MIDI Drum Loops for HipHop and Pop

MIDI Drum Loops for Hip Hop and Pop

MIDI Drum Loops for Hip Hop and Pop help speed up your workflow when making drums. Since the midi drum patterns are already done, you can drag and drop your midi drums into your DAW and get to work.

 Let's cover MIDI files, MIDI Drum Loops, why you want to use them, what to be on the lookout for, and where to get MIDI Drum Loops.

What Are MIDI Files

MIDI files are digital files that store note information and are used by music software to play a specific musical note, chord, melody, pattern, etc. They do not contain any audio, rather are more or less instructions that tell the software what to play.

A good way to think about it is MIDI files are modern day sheet music. Sheet music tells a musician what notes to play, when, how long, the velocity of each note etc. MIDI files are the same, but instead of the musician playing it, it is the software (or DAW) acts as the musician.

So a MIDI drum loop is drum sheet music for music software (DAW).

Midi Notes in a drum pattern for trap

What Is A MIDI Drum Loop

MIDI Drum loops are midi files where the notes determine a specific drum pattern. The notes will include ones for kicks, snare, hats, cymbals, percussion etc.

If you drag and drop a MIDI drum loop file into a DAW, that DAW will play that specific drum pattern.

These patterns can be repeated over and over and sound seamless when repeated. Hence the loop part in MIDI Drum Loops.

What's The Difference Between MIDI and Audio

MIDI doesn't contain any audio, rather the notes in sequence they should be played.

Audio however is exactly that - audio. Audio is what you typically think about when you think of MP3 or WAV files.

Here's an example of what an Audio file looks like versus the MIDI files. These two sound the exact same when played. One is an audio file and the other is a MIDI file however.

an image showing what an audio file looks like versus a midi file

Why Should I Use MIDI Drum Loops?

MIDI is a great way to streamline your workflow and make more music faster. Starting with a blank slate can be daunting. MIDI allows you to get started with patterns to build around.

These patterns can be chords, melodies, or drums.

The great thing about MIDI is it's easily editable. So if you start with a pattern, it's easy to tweak it  and make changes to suit your personal producer touch.

Drag in a MIDI Drum Loop and you already have a nice beat to start with. Build your chords and melodies around it.

The great thing about MIDI drum loops are they are editable. As you are building your song you may want to make some edits. Add a snare, or remove a kick. MIDI is easy to edit making it easy to update your MIDI drum loops.

Where To Find MIDI Drum Loops and Patterns

You can find midi drum loops in various websites across the internet. Some sites sell sample packs with audio files that also include MIDI Files. Some sites sell specifically MIDI files.

Of course MIDI MIGHTY has plenty of MIDI drum loops in HipHop and Pop styles. We think they're some of the best If you're looking to streamline your workflow def check out our line of MIDI Drum Packs.

What Should I Be Cautious Of When Buying MIDI Drums?

A couple things you should avoid:

1. MIDI files without the stems. You want to be able to control, edit all the parts individually. You can do that in a single file, however, it's tricky to tell what note is which. With stems, you have much more control and it's easier to get going on your music. All of MIDI Mighty's drum packs come with the MIDI stems.

2. Packs that suggest you'll make hits or say all their midi files will give you professional sounds. No pack can guarantee you'll make hits. And since MIDI has no sound, they cannot claim you'll have professional sounds instantly. It's all gimmicky.

What MIDI Drums can do for you is streamline your workflow. They can give you amazing drum patterns in an instant. You can then build off that to create hits. But you still have to product the song and do all the necessary work to get it to a hit.

MIDI drum files will help streamline and speed up the workflow to getting there. They will save you hours of time but cannot guarantee a hit or instant professional sound. Be cautious of those who say otherwise.

Where To Find HipHop and Pop MIDI Drums

There's not to many hiphop and pop MIDI drums out there. We saw that as an opportunity and decided to focus our work on all HipHop and Pop MIDI drums. If you're looking for HipHop and Pop MIDI drums, MIDI Mighty has got you covered.

A collage of covers showing all MIDI Drum Packs from MIDI Mighty