Bandlab Breezes Past 100 Million Users

Bandlab Breezes Past 100 Million Users

Bandlab - the popular online music creation platform, breezed past 100 million users.

I say breezes past because to CEO Meng Ru Kuok it didn't seem too special. According to him:

"It was also something that really felt like nothing really special. It sort of crossed, and I think we all realized, like, ‘Oh, that’s great.’ But I think that’s just the result of how fast things have grown.”

Pretty cool to be so chill about hitting 100 million users. But I think that's a testament to two things: the momentum and the bigger vision.

Bandlab has been seeing a fast rate of growth. In 2021 they had 30 million users. In 2022 they had 50 million users.  And now in 2024, 100 million users. These are massive numbers adding up quick!

Bandlab signed a partnership deal with UMG specifically focused on the AI space.  It has been described as strategically focused on AI ensuring an ethical use of AI. Two points of focus are: protecting the artist and the songwriters rights; and trailblazing AI solutions for music creation. 

Bandlab also recently added distribution to its platform. It's allow Bandlab users to push out tracks to Spotify, Apple, TIktok and more.

Bandlab feels like it's just getting started

100 million uses, AI partnerships, and distribution, Bandlab is shaping up to be a monster player in the music space.


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