Pricing & Terms

Simple Pricing and License Designed For Creators

TLDR: every drum guide, MIDI drum pack, and sample pack is 100% Royalty Free. There are no fees or restrictions where you can use it. None, nada, zip. Just don't resell any of our work please, that's not cool.

Create beats and sell millions without owing us a dime.

Use our sounds in your movies, TV shows, podcasts, branded content, albums,
branded content, albums, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, or anywhere else you can think of.


Returns, Refunds, Exchanges

Given the nature of digital products, every sale is final. No returns, exchanges, or refunds will be issued. No exceptions.

The Basics

A drum guide consists of a pdf with drum patterns to help you create your own drum patterns. Also included is the associated midi files and in some cases, drum samples.

When you buy a drum guide from us, you get a PDF with drum patterns to
help you create your own drum patterns, all associated MIDI files, and, in some cases, drum samples.

A drum pack can contain of any of the following: drum loops and stems
complete samples and, stems of those samples, MIDI files, .WAV versions, .MP3 versions, and one shot sounds.

There's no limit on streaming, downloads, views, performances, rights, etc. You can use what you purchase here in perpetuity without any usage reporting.

If you have any questions before or after purchase, give me (Cole) a shout at

Royalty Free & Unlimited Use

 Royalty Free & Unlimited Use includes:

  • Unlimited Audio Streams
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited For Profit and Not for Profit Live Performances
  • Unlimited distribution of copies
  • Unlimited Music Videos including unlimited streams on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.
  • Unlimited radio plays

 Distribution Copies


Free Downloads


Paid Downloads

Performance (Non Profit) Unlimited
Paid Performance Unlimited
Music Videos Unlimited
Audio Streams Unlimited
Broadcasting Rights Unlimited
Number Of Radio Stations Unlimited


A Simple Restriction

You cannot sell or license what you purchase here to others. You can take what you purchase from MIDI MIGHTY and use all or parts of it for your creation (e.g. podcast, song with vocals, video, film, etc). You may not take what you purchase here and resell it as is.

Samples are intended to be synced with other media (vocals, video, speech, images, etc.) and are not intended to be used standalone.


Questions and Answers

Can I edit the samples to work with my project?
Yeap, go for it!

Can I resell individual samples?

Can I resell the drum guide or individual pages of the drum guide?

Can I post images of the drum guide on social channels?
No, that would let anyone reproduce our hard work. Please don’t, thanks.

How do I download my files after purchase?
Immediately after your purchase you’ll see download link. You’ll also get the link in an email, so. You’ll always have it

How long do I have to access my downloads?
Forever. Simply log in to your account and download again.

What About Returns?
Given the nature of digital products, all sales are final. No returns, no exceptions.

I have an issue who do I contact?
Just email me (Cole) at and I'll get you sorted.