Maschine Updated to 2.18

Maschine Updated to 2.18

Maschine has been updated to 2.18. The main goal is to establish compatibility with latests macOS system - fixing all issues that have been lingering. In addition, top ranked issues have been fixed.

A list of changes include:

  • ADDED macOS Sonoma compatibility
  • IMPROVED Maschine Plus logo now displays correctly when used in controller mode
  • IMPROVED graphics handling when using Maschine with high-resolution screens on Windows
  • FIXED previously reported CPU spikes or degenerated CPU performance compared to the prior version
  • FIXED an issue where the Maschine plugin editor was larger than its content in Studio One
  • FIXED an issue where the window size setting of the Maschine VST3 plugin did not persist after closing the plugin window in some hosts
  • FIXED an issue where some FX presets were not saved as part of the DAW project when using the plugin
  • FIXED an issue where the end of an adjacent MIDI note was not editable when a subsequent note is present

A few of these fixes came from the Native Instruments community forum. If you have suggestions on how to fix Maschine or features you would like to see, add yours there.

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