Rhodes Announces Rhodes Earth Edition

Rhodes Announces Rhodes Earth Edition

Rhodes is releasing a limited editions Rhodes Earth Edition piano. Inspired by nature, and moved by the impact of climate change and deforestation, this is Rhodes way of paying homage to mother earth and preserving our environment.

Rhodes Earth Edition - Inspired By Nature

Earth Edition is a great name because this beauty looks like someone planted a Rhodes seed and this piano is what spouted. Some features:

Walnut and Rust Effects

Each piano is crafted from American Walnut and treated in such a way that accentuates the natural wood grain.

Each metal part has a custom rust effect coating making sure no two instruments are alike.

Forest Green Lid

The lid is a deep, rich, forest green, resembling the very nature it's inspired by.

Rhodes Earth Edition

Unique Sounds

Integrated into each Earth Edition is an FX section which includes a VCA compressor, a 4 stage phaser, a chorus, and delay. All features to help add depth, richness, and a more expressive sound.

Limited Edition

These are truly limited - only 50 units total. Each sale results in the planting of 500 trees. So, 25,000 trees will be planted.

You can see the unveiling video on youtube.

The reservation page is currently locked, but opens up at 4PM EST.

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