TuneCore Releases Pay Per Use AI Mastering Assistant - TuneCore Mastering

TuneCore Releases Pay Per Use AI Mastering Assistant - TuneCore Mastering

TuneCore announced a $5 per track AI Mastering assistant, TuneCore Mastering.

The Summary

  • $5 per track
  • Can listen to the mastered version before paying/downloading
  • The tool was not trained on copyrighted material and done in a responsible manner.
  • Drag, drop, instant master


Who's It For

Aimed at artists with tighter budgets, the mastering tools allows artists to get the benefits of mastering without the cost.

Mastering gets you that crisp professional complete sound. But. It comes at a cost in terms of money and technical knowledge. Many artists are creatives who may not know the ins and outs of DAWs and technical concepts to master a track.

TuneCore AI Mastering gives you the best of both worlds.

You get professional sounding mixes you can listen to before you pay to download. According to Tunecore this will increase the chances of listeners pressing play on your tracks and getting them heard. And of course that would translate to earning more from your music.

Ethically Done

In this world of AI it's considered sketchy to train models without a copyright owner's consent. TuneCore says it's AI mastering is not trained on copyrighted material and is developed adhering to TuneCores 4 pillars for responsible engagement:

  • Consent
  • Control
  • Compensation
  • Transparency

Check out the full press release on TuneCore's site.


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