Blended Genres And Drum Patterns

Blended Genres And Drum Patterns

I grew up listening to HipHop and R&B and that’s really it. But as I got older I got into older rock - Jimmy Hendrix mostly. But then modern rock bands, EDM, house, then classical and pop of course and even some country.

It really helped me appreciate the difference in musical styles.  So it's always interesting to me when I hear genres mix.

Recently I was listening to "Another Way" by rock band Sleep Theory and right at the beginning I hear trap snares.

You know that trap snare roll popular in trap.

Even the snares in the track sound more like something out of a drum machine and not an acoustic kit.

Now this isn't one of those mashup - where rap and rock meet each other. It's clearly modern rock. Just with trap snares thrown in.

And I thought it was cool Which got me thinking about a few things about blending and fusion of genres.

If you want to read more about niche genres, check out this post on LinkedIn.

So i decided to make a few drum beats with mix genres with trap drums. These are quick sketches of beats just to get an idea of what it could sound like

Let's dive in.

Reggaeton With Trap Snares

Here I'm taking a typical reggaeton beat but adding in a basic trap snare patterns with typical 808 trap snares.

Afrobeats With Trap Snares

Similar to above, here I'm taking a typical afrobeats beat but adding in a basic trap snare pattern with trap drums.


Here I'm still using the trap drums from above, but this time using a typical boombap kick pattern, some fx found in boombap beats as well.

Pop With Trap Snares

Now I'm taking a Pop beat with the classic four on the floor kick pattern and for the snares - you guessed it - basic trap snare pattern.

LoFi Trap

This is a little different. I made a lofi beat, using the snare trap snare pattern as above. Only difference is I'm using lofi snares instead of trap snares.

 Fading Out

This was just a fun experimental post to try mixing drum patterns. Really it's a nod to say "just try new things.". Try mixing it up, try new genres, try fusing different elements. You never know what you'll come up with and it'll spark some creativity.




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