Three Boom Bap Drum Patterns [Audio] [Download] [Updated 2024]

Three Boom Bap Drum Patterns [Audio] [Download] [Updated 2024]

Boom Bap is the essence of hip hop as there’s nothing quite like a boom bap beat. The current sound of hip hop has shifted, changed and morphed throughout the year but Boom Bap remains a staple. At times it was the hottest sound. At other times it seemed like it was dying a slow and quiet death (spoiler alert: it didn’t die). 

If you’re a producer and look for boom bap drum patterns I’m going to show you three of them here. We already did four classic hip hop drum patterns in another post. This one is going to get into the Boom Bap drum patterns.

I’ll show you which track and boom bap producer they were inspired from and break it all down. Let’s get into it.

Who’s The Champion - Ghostface, RZA. Raekwon


This is a nice steady banger where the first part of the is a simple boom bap beat: kick kick snare. The second half gets a little more complex adding in an extra snare. It makes for a nice balanced beat that’s equally simple and complex. 

All you need is this, a since basslines, and add in a couple chops and fx and you have a nice dope boom bap beat. Here’s the pattern:

Boom Bap Drum Pattern - Who's The Champion by Ghostface


 Note: this pattern is directly from the Boom Bap Drum Guide.

Here's an audio sample with different drums from the boom bap drum pattern:


#2 Onion Head - Sean P and produced by 9th Wonder

A banger by 9th Wonder and the great Sean P. This is similar to the above beat where it starts out with a simple boom bap pattern: boom boom bap or kick kick snare.

It then gets crazy complex the way it balances alternate kicks. And then it iterates on itself again with additional percussion.

Again is a balanced, dense way. It holds true to a nice boom bap drum pattern feel all the while adding in complexity. 9th is crazy good like that. Here’s the pattern:

Boom Bap Drum Pattern - Onion Head By Sean P

Here’s a boom bap drum pattern audio from that pattern:



Obviously for something like this you’ll need some nice soul samples. Check out Tracklib for those.

Benny The Butcher - Where Would I Go featuring Rick Ross

Another simple but intricate boom bap drum pattern. We wanted to include this to get a nice range.

We covered RZA from 1996, right in the middle of the golden age of Hip Hop and boom bap. 9th and Sean P from 2005 where boom bap wasn’t as popular but still some of the best boom bap came out then (thank you 9th). And now Benny The Butcher from 2020, a time where you can see boom bap hip hop making a come back. 

Here’s the track:


Here’s the pattern:

  Boom Bap Drum Pattern - Where Would I Go by Benny The Butcher


Here’s a take on the pattern first without the hi-hats and then with the hi-hats:

Boom Bap Drum Patterns in Hip Hop

We covered three boom bap drum patterns in hip hop. If you're a music producer looking to create Boom Bap hip hop and need inspiration on how to create Boom Bap beats, this article is for you.

And if three isn't enough we have the Boom Bap Drum Guide which includes over 50 Boom Bap Beats. Also comes with a Boom Bap Drums. It's everything you need to get started to create boom bap beats.



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