Ultimate List of Royalty Free Hip-Hop Music [Updated 2020]

Ultimate List of Royalty Free Hip-Hop Music [Updated 2023]

If you’re a content creator and looking for royalty free hip-hop music you might have found a tough time getting that right track. There’s no shortage of places to get royalty free music.

Finding royalty free hip-hop can be a different story. Either sites don’t offer it of you filtered through certain sties and found the results lackluster.

Here I list all the places to get royalty free hip-hop beats and music.

I’ll keep this list updated as time goes on. If I missed something let me know!

music production with royalty free hip-hop music
Photographer: Tanner Boriack | Source: Unsplash


Some places that sell royalty free hip-hop sign artists to their labels. Epidemic Sound is one of them. A lot of solid artists and up and coming artists have put there music on Epidemic Sound.

Official website
Royalty Free Hip-Hop On Epidemic Sound


Geared towards videographers and filmmakers, Artlist provides a ton of music, sfx, and even footage.

Official website
Royalty-Free Hip-Hop Music on Artlist


Part of the Envato Market, Audio Jungle offers royalty free music and audio tracks starting at $1.

Official website
Royalty-Free Hip-Hop Music at Audio Jungle


Started as a way to combat the uninspired royalty free sounds out there, Hook Sounds is curated music that doesn't lack quality.

Official website
Royalty-Free Hip-Hop At HookSounds


Music is just one of the many products Pond5 offers. Lots of genres in there, but go ahead and filter just for hiphop and you’ll find plenty royalty free hip-hop beats there.

Official website
POND5 Royalty-Free Hip-Hop Music

Premium Beat

Premium Beat offers many royalty free hip-hop tracks and even has sub0genres in it’s filtering sytem to hone in on the type of hip-hop track you’re looking for.

Official website
Royalty-Free HipHop Music on PremiumBeat


Another artist based site that offers a variety of quality music. They even have playlists to help you find that right sound.

Official website
Royalty Free Hip-Hop on Soundstripe

Getty Images

Known for some of the best images out there, Getty expanded into other products including audio. Filter away to get just hip-hop. Royalty free hip-hop tracks and production ready tracks are all there.

Official website
Getty Images - Royalty Free Hip-Hop Music


As the name suggests, Free Beats, in particular you can get royalty free hip-hop beats here. Of course there is a catch. You have to follow on social media for the free tracks. If you want to pay and get an official license, the prices are pretty reasonable.

Official website
Royalty Free Hip-Hop Beats at FreeBeats.io


Audio, Video, and Images with simple licensing and a well designed site makes Storyblocks a solid choice. Go the audio and filter by Hip-Hop to check out all the royalty-free hip hop beats

Official website
Royatly-Free Hip-Hop Music on StoryBlocks


Offers a free license with attribution as well as a Pro License and a yearly subscription

Official website
Royalty Free Music at BenSound


If you’re looking for music for personal use they have a great free license.

Official website
Royalty Free Hip-Hop at Free Play Music


Finding royalty-free hip doesn’t have to be hard. Use this list to start your search. If I missed a site or there needs to be a correction email hello@rudemuzik.com and let me know!


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