Amazon Maestro is ChatGPT for Playlists

Amazon Maestro is ChatGPT for Playlists

Amazon Launches AI Generated Playlist Feature

Amazon is rolling out a feature that lets users create playlists with prompts. Like ChatGPT but just for making playlists.

It’s called Maestro and is a chatbot that’s being made available in beta to a small number of US based subscribers.

It works like a typical AI prompt. Use conversational language and describe what you want your playlist to be. You can even use emojis.

Yes emojis. Want a playlists that matches. Here’s a few prompts suggested by Amazon:

  • 😭 and eating 🍝
  • Make my 👶 a genius
  • Myspace era hip-hop
  • 🏜️🌵🤠
  • Music my grandparents made out to
  • 🎤🚿🧼
  • I tracked my friends and they’re all hanging out without me

Not going to lie, I bet the “Myspace era hip-hop” would be full of bangers.
Like many updates, it’s rolling out slowly as they collect feedback and refine.

How Do I Know If I Have Access To Maestro?

First, download the latest version of Amazon Music’s app. From there, you’ll see it on your home screen, or when you tap the plus sign to create a new playlists.

If you see it, either talk or type in your playlist idea and then tap “Let’s go!”.

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