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Coke Announces AI Powered Instrument

Yes, Coke - the soda giant, is getting into music. While they're probably not releasing a DAW anytime soon, they are no stranger to marketing tactics.

This is the latest in their Create Real Magic marketing campaign.

Coke has created an instrument that uses the classic sounds associated with Coke. There's two versions: an app and a coke bottled shape instrument.

Both allow you to mix sounds and create music.

Coke captured the classic sounds of Coke categorized as:

  • FIZZ
  • GLUG
  • AHHH

You then "mix" how much of each sound you want using the mixer. Hit the AI generate button and it creates sounds based on your mix. The AI more or less sets synth parameters to generate sounds.

Coke Soundz Overview


It even has more advanced features for mixing. Parameters such as

  • Envelope
  • Mod
  • Arp
  • Tone
  • Reverb
  • Filter
Coke Soundz Pro Features

From Coke:

CokeSoundZ uses a decision-making neural network to set certain synthesizer and other audio configurations when you press the “AI Generate” button. The technology used by this app is experimental, rapidly evolving, and subject to unexpected outputs. Coca‑Cola and its affiliates will not be liable for any unintended material created using the app.

You can load up these sounds and play away.

It's a bit unclear how much AI is actually used and the depth at to which it goes to.

Only Uplifting Sounds

According to Coke, you should only hear pleasant sounds:

Phst. Fizz. Clink. Glug. Ahh.
The sounds of Coke Zero Sugar trigger a satisfying feeling in our brains. Now, these distinctive sounds and the science behind them have been infused into an AI, creating the world's first instrument that plays only uplifting sounds.

Well, I'm not too sure about this. The loose idea is solid, but playing around with it I had mixed results. Fun, but mixed results. Just like any synth.

The Future of AI Music

Regardless of what you think, the idea is pretty cool. And it's great for branding and marketing.

I do think there is something to the "let's use iconic sounds and use AI to generate more sounds like that".

It's an interesting premise.

But - it also gets me thinkink that perhaps those are iconic sounds because they relate to a broader experience.

Ice cubes clinking make me think of a refreshing drink - and maybe that is a coke. The fizz reminds me of coke. Especially that 2pm Coke I have for a little afternoon pick me up.

But when new sounds are introduced - even if they are based off these iconic sounds- the don't tie back to any experience. There's nothing more to them other than it being a sound.

And maybe that sound, sounds good. Maybe it doesn't.

Another way to put it - if soda and carbonated beverages never existed, and I hear the FIZZ sound for the first time, I may not think much of it. It would just sound like a sounds a synth put out.

Either way, I love to see brands incorporating music and audio into their experience. It' a fun app to play with and recommend checking out.

For more details check out Coke's site.


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