Red Lobster Gets In The AI Music Game

Red Lobster Gets In The AI Music Game

Red Lobster has entered the AI Music game with - Cheddar Bay-I,  a clever mashup of Cheddar Bay and AI. They released collection of AI generated songs that pay homage to the customer favorite Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Taken content from fans of the biscuits, this content was fed into an AI generator. The outcome - 30 tracks in a range of genres where the subject matter is expressing love for Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

It's a bit vague, but I presume they used the AI generator to create the full track. IE I doubt it was the lyrics and they had a actual producer come in and make a beat.

My guess is they used a full song AI generator.

Judging by the videos, I assume those were AI generated as well. Perhaps a few images of biscuits fed into the machine, but they look and feel AI generated.

The songs range in genres. A few examples with the titles:

  • HipHop "Cheddar Bay Bouncin"
  • Barbershop Quartet: "Cheddar Bay Serenade"
  • Country: "Butter Ball"

This is a marketing play as they generate hype for National Biscuit Day which is May 14th.

My general thoughts:

  1. I'm not listening to a Red Lobster double album (even if the songs are one minute long)
  2. The songs sounds AI, just a lot of "meh" tracks. I think it's early and we'll see more and more polished songs in the coming years.
  3. It's cool to see brands play in the AI Music space. Kudos to Red Lobster for having fun

You can read the full Red Lobster announcement here.

And the playlist here:


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