Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals on Drum Plugins for Music Producers

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals on Drum Plugins for Music Producers

If you've been interested in a VST or plugin for a while, but haven't bought, now's the time.  99% chance it's on sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Below are a few of the ones that stand out for drums. Check it out for solid VSTs to up your drum game.

XLN Audio

50% off XLN Audio products
Including RC-20 Retro Color, XO, and Addictive Drums.

Addictive Drums 2
Addictive Drums 2 is a software drum production studio featuring professionally recorded acoustic drums, live rhythm performances and high quality built in effects.

RC-20 Retro Color
A classic that's highly favored in the producer community.

a lot of people who use the drum patterns use XO. Worth checking out for laying out drums

Baby Audio

Baby Audio - up to 50% off
Love Super VHS but check out their full bundle.

Super VHS
All of Baby Audio's plugins are great and I could list them here. But Super VHS to me stands out above the rest. This is especially true for drums. If you want to get a little lofi, a little gritty, but also have drums bang, check out Super VHS


Effect Plugins

Here's a couple plugins more around effects. Worth checking out if you're looking to add some cool effects to your drums

Somewhat known but still kind of a low key plugin. Effectrix does a lot of things and I find on hi hats and percussion you can get really creative

LifeLine Expanse
I love this plugin because it works with my brain. It makes sense the way the effects are applied, how you move them around, and the general UI. Great for shaping your drums sounds.

There ya go, some good deals on plugins that will your drum game.


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