FREE Uillean Pipes from Spitfire Audio

FREE Uillean Pipes from Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio adds to hit signature LABS series with another celtic inspired instrument. This time it's Uillean Pipes.

I wasn't too sure what a Uillean Pipe was so I had to look it up. Looks like (according to wikipedia0 they're quite similar to bagpipes. 

Either way, some nice vibes to add to your next track.


Made in collaboration with award-winning composer Hannah Peel, LABS Uilleann pipes features in her score for the National Theatre production of ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’. Also known as the Irish Bagpipe, Uilleann pipes utilise multiple drones, regulators and chanters to produce acres of sonic possibilities. Performed with traditional Celtic flourishes and ornamentations, this rarely sampled instrument provides an unconventional way to add texture and interest to contemporary music.

Check it out here:

Spitfire Audio video:

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