Pharrell Releases Surprise New Album

Pharrell Releases Surprise New Album

Pharrell released a new album with no announcement. And it's only available on his website, no streaming services. And it's a free listen - you can check it out here.

Is this the future of music? Going direct? For some artists this has worked out well in terms of money. They make more money going direct to consumers. You won't get the same reach, but you're taking a much bigger cut.

Either way, it's interesting to see established acts switch it up. We've seen Beyonce move away from the overly digitized music with Cowboy Carter.

And - perhaps following Beyonce's footsteps with the surprise album - Pharell taking it further with the direct to consumer route. Another shot at the watchtower?

For Free?
What's notable is this is free. You don't have to pay. That may seem like a missed opportunity for Pharrell. Surely he can charge for his music.

But it reminds me of the 9th and Murs project Sweet Lord. Way back then I was a big fan of 9th and just discovering Murs. They released this collab album for free. Back then, that was a big deal.

And the result? I become even a bigger fan of Murs and 9th Wonder. I don't know if they know it, but it was one big brand play for them.

And perhaps it's the same for Pharrell. This is a way to continue to build his brand.

Either way the album is a solid listen. You can check it Pharrell's album Virginia here.



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