Premier Almost DIdn't Make Biggie's Unbelieveable

Premier Almost DIdn't Make Biggie's Unbelieveable

You know that classic Biggie song "Unbelievable"? Well isn't it unbelievable that it almost didn't happen (see what I did there ;)

Dj premier sat down with IDEA Generation and discussed a whole range of topics. In that came up working with BIG and how he said he didn't have time to do another record for him.

BIG: "just make me something 🙏"

Permier: "Meet me at D& D Studios"

And the rest is history. Kind of wild to think we almost didn't get Unbelievable.


On a relate note, Pharrell sat down with Steve Stout. In that interview, Pharrell discussed the idea of creating music everyday. This concept of checking ideas out from the universe. And what you check out one day might not be what you check out the next. Check it out.


And even more related. This idea that Picasso averaged one piece of work everyday from age 20 to 91. W I L D.




The theme is to keep creating. Every day just create. Even if it is a little. Like Pharrell said: make the music.






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