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LoFi Carefree Summer Chords And Melodies

LoFi Carefree Summer Chords And Melodies

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Lofi chords, melodies, and basslines in a carefree summer vibe. Samples and MIDI files.

What's Included

This pack includes 24 sessions with samples and MIDI. Each session includes:

  • Chord progression (stems and MIDI included)
  • Bassline (stems and MIDI included)
  • Melody (stems and MIDI included)
  • Drum loop
  • Full Sample

Style: LoFi Carefree Summer Vibe

  • Classic, nostalgic sound that evokes a carefree summer vibe. Hints of feel good, no worries, free spirit, relaxed summer mood at sunset.
  • LoFi sound
  • Relaxed / chill chord progressions with emotion
  • Melodic catchy synths
  • Soulful basslines

Sample Songs

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

If you ever struggled to make compelling LoFI chords, you are not alone.

Many producers just wing it or rely on shady chords they found for free on reddit.

The consequence:

  • Wasted time
  • boring, dull chord progressions
  • no one listens
  • wanting to give up


I spent countless hours trying to perfect chords and getting that sounds and finally figured it out. If you use these chords you’ll get a nice lofi vibe and:

  • You'll save time
  • You'll make more music you are proud of
  • People will enjoy your music
  • You'll be inspired to make more

If you’re ready to (finally) level up your LoFi music making and make lofi music that resonates, grab these chords. They can be just what you need to level up your production game.

Chords, Melodies, and Basslines

This pack includes chords, melodies, and basslines

MIDI files for each is included

MIDI Files & Stems

each pattern includes the MIDI stems for the chords, melodies, and basslines.

High Quality Samples

All samples are high quality WAV (24 bit 44.1kHz)

Royalty Free

All sounds are royalty free. For more details on pricing and terms of use, check out our pricing and terms page.

Instant Download

Upon purchase you'll immediately see a link to your downloads. This will also be emailed to you to download later.

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