Are Landr Samples Royalty Free?

The short answer is yes if you use Landr as intended. Let's dive in

Are Landr Samples Royalty Free?

The simple answer is yes when used as intended. The idea of Landr is to offer musicians samples they can use without worry of being tracked down to provide royalties.

When you use Landr Samples in your creations you do not have to pay royalties to the original creator of the sample.


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Artists on Landr Waived Their Right To Collect Royalties

When an artist gives a sample to Landr, they waive all rights to claim royalties. So a sample creator will make a sample and sell it to Landr. That is how the sample creator is compensated. They cannot not and legally are not allowed to claim royalties.

Can I Use The Sample Maker's Name?

It’s tempting to get a pack produced by a popular producer from landr and say you made a track featuring/co-produced by that producer. Don’t.

You are not allowed to use an artists “name (including any pseudonym), image, or likeness of any artis without said artists written permission.

What Am I Not Allowed To Do With Landr Samples

You cannot sell them or use them in isolation. Ie you cannot resell the sample. You cannot use the sample as part of a plugin. You cannot share, loan, lend, or transfer the samples. They cannot be a part of a sound library.

Simply, the intent is to use them as part of a bigger recording. Follow that and it’s fine.

Are Landr Samples Royalty Free?

Yes you can. You don’t own the sample you got from Landr, but the original music you create you can copyright. You own that music, but you do not own the rights to that sample.

Can I Be Sued Using Royalty Free Samples From Landr?

No. Landr samples are royalty free and  as such Landr and any artists who has supplied Landr with samples have waived their right to collect samples. This assumes you follow the Landr terms of use which means you use the samples as part of a recording. If you  you try to resell the sample as is, then that violates Land’s terms of service.

For a deeper dive on what to expect of sample packs, we cover what sample packs are and what you can expect with them.

Royalty Free Drum Patterns and MIDI drums

If you're looking for royalty free drum patterns and MIDI drums, we have a ton of highly rated packs. The MIDI Drum Guide Bundle is your best bet. Similar to Landr, use them to create tracks and we waived our rights to collect royalties. (just don't try to resell our products 😉

In Conclusion

Use Landr as intended and you'll be fine. Don't try to resell the samples as is. And lastly, this is our understanding of Landr from spending time reviewing Landr's terms of service. It is not legal advice. Contact Landr directly for official answers.