"Spread love it's the Brooklyn Way" - Biggie

I'm fortunate enough to have come up with products that really helped hundreds of producers. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Life Saver

"Thanks very much, this little pdf is a
life saver, I have been toying around with drums for so long &
couldn't get it right! I definitely needed this extra bit of help."

Big Help

"Not going lie, this is going to really help me. That you so much for this guide"

Get Over Your Slump

"Love the samples and the pattern guide was a brilliant idea, it’s really helping me get over the slump I’m in!"


"I bought your trap and hiphop guides yesterday, and I'm very grateful to have them as a resource on my music-making journey."


"The guide is awesome! You really did a fantastic job putting this together."


"just copped the boombap drum guide and I really like it for setting up presets drum patterns for the ideas to come out."


Tremendous Help!

Love these drum pattern guides from RudeMuzik! They are really essential foundational building blocks to learn from and incorporate in your Music Production and Drum programming for top genres in music now!! As a producer/engineer they helped me out tremendously in my instrumental production!! - CKRTheEngineer


Very Useful and Good Quality

I`m really happy that i bought these. You really learn a lot while rebuilding them and use it as a starting point / inspiration for your beats. A very smart thing is, that every pattern has a variation pattern, this is key to make something really special with these patterns.
I find myself often at a point where i made a decent beat, but struggle to make a proper variation for it. In this guide you will always have the main pattern (2 bars) and one variation or B Part (again 2 bars). So cool!" - Dystopian Tofu