Native Instruments Maschine is both hardware and software made for creating beats. Maschine refers to the physical drum machine as well as a DAW. It's Native Instruments product for making beats.

It was introduced in 2009 as a one of a kind solution combining the hardware controller and software (DAW). This was the first in the music industry.

The hardware controller is similar to many drum machines with 16 pressure-sensitive pads. It's intended to work with Maschine software but is not limited to that software.

Throughout the years there have been plenty of iterations and updates but there are essentially three different versions of Maschine.

With the hardware pads and the software, it's a great way to program hip hop drums.

Maschine DAW

Three Versions of Maschine

Maschine MK3

This is the standard version of the hardware Maschine that's intended to work with the DAW Maschine. Key features include:

  • Big backlit and extra sensitive pads
  • Full color, hi res screens
  • Studio grade audio interface
  • hardware layout intended for a fast workflow
  • 8 touch sensitive knobs
  • Smart strip for additional functionality

Maschine +

This is similar to the classic Maschine but it's a standalone product that does not need to be plugged into a computer. It still can be if you would like, but the main feature is it is standalone.

Maschine +

Maschine Mikro

Similar to the classic maschine but much smaller. It doesn't include the LED displays but works just as well with the Maschine DAW.

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