Bandlab is a cloud-based music app allowing producer to make and collaborate on music. It offers a number of tools to create, mix, edit, record, share, and distribute music. It's everything you need to make music in the cloud.

Some key features of Bandlab

Bandlab makes it easy to collaborate. You can obviously make jams yourself, but Bandlab really hones in on collaboration making it easy for you to collaborate with others on the same track.

Bandlab focuses on social sharing as well. It offers tools to allow musicians to connect with other musicians, share their tracks and progress, and discover new music as well

Virtual Instruments & Tools
Bandlab strives to be everything you need in the cloud to make music. It offers a wide array of virtual instruments, loops, sounds, and effects to make your music.


Bandlab Latest News

 Bandlad Breezes Past 100 Million Users Bandlab recently passed 100 Million users. It's a big milestone but in a lot of ways Bandlab is just starting.