Tracklib bills itself as "the record store for sampling". What it does is awesome.

Sampling is a major part of music. But it comes with headaches. Tracklib solve this and makes it easy for producers to find and clear samples with ease.

All About Tracklib

Tracklib offers a library of pre-cleared tracks that a music producer can browse, download, and license into their own creation, legally. These aren't made up loops. These are released songs.

Sampling In Music

Sampling has been around for quite some time. If you're not familiar, it's simply taking one part - usually a second or so - of one song and incorporating it into another song.

Music producers use sampling because it's cheaper and easier. But also because it is a way to pay homage to creators who have come before you.

It's been around so long and has such a rich history, sampling is considered a art form in of itself.

The problem comes when people sample an artist and do not clear the samples. Obviously if you're the original music composer and someone uses your songs, you want some form of payment.

Historically it's been a long-winded and arduous process to do this with many record labels staffing full legal teams to clear samples.

Tracklib makes this easy.

Tracklib Makes Clearing Samples A Breeze

The main benefit of Tracklib is it makes clearing samples smooth and painless. All songs are already pre-cleared. That means you can browse through and use any song from the library knowing it will be easy to clear. No legal headaches down the line.

Tracklib Features

Tracklib makes it easy to find cleared samples. It's offers a number of ways to browse songs including by custom curations. These are grouped by themes such as "Black Rock", "Global Pop", "Classic Spanish Greats" etc. 

This makes it easy to browse through different themes to find what you are looking for.

screenshot of Tracklib dot com showing hwo they group songs into themes

When you find a sample, the also offer the ability to loop part of it right in the browser. And, you can add a general drum pattern in on of several genres to get a sense of how the song will sound when you sample it.

Screenshot of Tracklib dot com where you can select from one of several genres of drum grooves
This makes sense since most samples are not drums, but usually instrumentation. Later when you sample most producers at their own drums. This is true in hip hop for sure. Here's several essential hip hop drum patterns you can layer into on your samples.

Tracklib Latest News

 Headline Details
Tracklib now offers sounds. Tracklib always offered pre-cleared songs. Now it's offering royalty free sounds - samples, loops, and one-shots not unlike Splice. More on this here.