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LoFi Drum Loops: Chill Hop

LoFi Drum Loops: Chill Hop

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Full song LoFi drum loops made in the Chill Hop style.  10 full songs. Each song contains 14 sections to create a full song structure:

  • 1 Intro
  • 3 Verse Variations
  • 3 Hook/Chorus Variations
  • 3 Breakdowns
  • 3 Fills
  • 1 Outro

Each part includes the individual stems. 10 songs. 14 parts per song. 727 wav files in total.

Sample Songs Made With These Drum Loops





Note: melodic samples not included, only the drum loops and drum stems.

Done For You Drums

All parts of a song are included. Intro, outro, verses, choruses, bridges, fills, and a breakdown. Simply drag and drop the pieces in the order you want to craft your song.

HQ Multi-Track/ Stems

each pattern includes the stems. So if you love the chorus but want to use a different snare, it's no problem. Drag the stems in and use another snare of your choosing.

All files are high quality WAV (24 bit 44.1kHz)

Royalty Free

All sounds are royalty free. For more details on pricing and terms of use, check out our pricing and terms page.

Instant Download

Upon purchase you'll immediately see a link to your downloads. This will also be emailed to you to download later.

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Save Hours Of Time

Drums take time, attention to detail and require a lot of patience. We take care of this for you. Drag and drop these drum loops and make more music in less time.

Done For Your Drums

You could do it yourself. Or you could drag, drop and be done knowing you have professional drums that sound great.

All Parts Of A Song

These packs include Intro, multiple verses, hook, bridge and an outro.

Every part you need for for building a song.

Drag And Drop Stems

Simply drag and drop the whole loop or drag individual stems. You're in control.

Save Time Making Beats

Professional sounding drums beats in a drag-and-drop instant. Save hours of frustration time trying to get your drums right.